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Have you ever had the frustrating experience of fighting against something that’s not working? Often we take this same approach when trying to get well. It is common to focus on what’s not working in your body (pain and symptoms) and to fight... During your initial visit, we determine not only where you are on the Illness – Wellness Continuum, but also where you would like to be. On this scale, -10 represents a major health crisis, 0 the ‘comfort zone’ (few symptoms), and +10 optimal health... As your body heals, we also teach you how to stop recreating the same problems over and over again. The pain and symptoms you are experiencing are connected to how you’ve been living. Remembering that your body and mind were designed to be strong...
India Tour Global Humanitarian Work I recently had the opportunity to participate in a 10 day Chiropractic mission trip to Calcutta, India. We partnered with Right Track, a non-profit group that works to improve the conditions of women and children in the slums. They organized our adjusting schedule, and we would work in different slums each day. It was interesting to see places I would never get to as a tourist. View Slide Show > Laura
Spain Meet Dr. Laura Konopacki Laura Konopacki is a Chiropractor and international speaker, and has shared life-changing information on how to be well with thousands of families world-wide. Laura’s 11 years of experience include opening private practices in both Wausau, WI and Barcelona, Spain, as well as practicing Chiropractic in China, Peru, and Brazil.. Read More >
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