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“When I was a teenager I began to experience extreme anxiety, depression, low back pain, menstrual irregularities, allergies, and digestive issues. This went on for about 20 years. I had tried nearly everything – homeopathics, nutrition, counseling, hypnosis, supplements, naturopathic doctor, Zero Balancing, acupuncture, yoga, traditional western medicine, and trauma therapy. I felt complete hopelessness as nothing worked. I felt that things would only get worse and no one could help me.

The naturopathic doctor I was seeing for over a year realized that I was not improving. She told me that one of her other patients had great results with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and suggested I give it a try. I had tried such a huge variety of therapies with almost no improvement. I was filled with despair and hopelessness thinking there was almost no chance that anything would help me. I was tired of seeing so many new practitioners and having to rehash my trauma and list of symptoms.

I noticed positive changes after a month, but after three months, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Everything has either improved drastically or resolved except some digestive issues and allergies/sensitivities. I’ve experienced a huge improvement in my mental health and sense of well-being. I am shocked by the power of the mind-body connection. NSA shows you firsthand how quickly and broadly your life will change when your brain and body are reconnected and communicating. People tell me I have light in my eyes again. They have noticed that I face life with an energetic enthusiasm that also has a deep peacefulness at its core.

I am evangelical about NSA with my family and friends. I am certain that it saved my life. It totally changed the trajectory of my mental and physical health. People shouldn’t have second thoughts about trying NSA at Body Wave! Dr. Laura and staff accept you exactly as you are 🙂 I have never met a practitioner that has the right balance of warmth and professionalism like Dr. Laura–and I’ve met a lot!” — J.D.

“For 15 years I experienced intermittent neck and back spasms. I tried yoga and massage, but it didn’t help. I began to feel that nothing would make a difference and that I’d just have to learn to live with my situation.

I heard about this gentle form of chiropractic at Body Wave from a friend of over 30 years. She assured me there that there was no sudden yanking or twisting involved. I hesitated because some years ago I went to a chiropractor whose treatment involved the traditional “cracking” procedure and I experienced severe neck spasms at least twice afterwards. I was afraid that any maneuvering of my neck would exacerbate my problems.

I began to feel a difference after two weeks at Body Wave. I noticed especially that I would tense up and sit hunched at the wheel of the car BEFORE and that after treatment, my body would realign and my shoulders and neck would more quickly relax and assume a better posture.

I wasn’t expecting to find myself taking several deep breaths throughout the day to calm and “reset” by body and mind. Also, standing in line or walking, I notice that my posture is much improved. People have noticed that I am more relaxed and do not sit hunched over.

I would absolutely recommend Body Wave! The treatment goes far beyond muscle spasms and aches. It teaches your body to move in a new way and to realign whenever your old habits start to kick in. The treatments are gentle and non-invasive and the results have a ripple effect in everyday movement and well-being.

Every part of the experience of coming to Body Wave is calming and helps remind one of how our bodies seek health, relaxed posture, and movement! It’s a pleasure to interact with the staff. Dr. Laura’s deft touch and reassuring manner help the treatment process to progress. I am so pleased with the changes I am experiencing! Thank you!” — C.W.

“My lower back pain has completely disappeared.  It helps me relax and sleep better.  My posture has also improved – with that, I feel great most days.  I’ve been able to get off my medications – one more to go and I’ll be medicine-free!” — K.K.

“Before I came to Body Wave, I was often feeling sluggish and lethargic. I was carrying extra pounds. I would try to watch my nutrition and get some exercise, but it all felt like drudgery. Certainly some depression was there too. I was stiff and starting to walk/waddle like an old lady and feel like an old lady (I’m 68). My lack of balance was becoming a concern. I was tired of feeling tired. After reading Dr. Laura’s website, I hoped maybe she could help me.

At first I didn’t feel much change, but then after a couple of weeks I noticed I was sleeping much better.  I was surprised that I now craved exercise! Now I have no pain. My core feels stronger; I am much more flexible and can walk and climb stairs normally. Also my balance has greatly improved.

One of the best results is I have my energy and motivation back. I can last much longer doing projects. I want to do projects. I sleep better and sleep less. Also my body is able to be physically challenged and what might have thrown my back out before, my body is now able to handle on its own again.  I feel a lot less fragile and much stronger.

My friends and family have noticed that I have more energy and endurance and that I’m able to hike and bike longer over more challenging terrain. They’ve also noticed that I’m not limping while walking or climbing stairs and have a more positive, hopeful outlook.

If you are curious about chiropractic care, like any profession, some chiropractors are good and some bad. Same for techniques. For those afraid of getting their “joints cracked”, I’d say look into Network Chiropractic for much more than just fixing a problem. With Network Chiropractic you you can experience a level of health and wellness that you may not ever have felt before. Instead of just getting your body back to zero, (no aches or pains) you can get it to positive (feeling able to meet life’s challenges).” — M.S.

“We first came to Body Wave several years ago for my daughter who has hemi-paresis. We were so impressed with the results that soon our whole family started going. We love working with Dr. Laura and appreciate all the great results. We highly recommend Body Wave Chiropractic.” — A.M.

“I was constantly tired, my back and neck were sore, and I just felt pretty bad overall. The tiredness, specifically, had been going on for years. Drinking lots of caffeine was my original answer, but that didn’t work.

I learned about chiropractic care through a high school therapist. I heard about Body Wave because my mother is a patient of Dr. Laura’s. I was very excited to do anything that might help my constant fatigue. After two weeks of appointments, I started getting better sleep and I definitely had more energy overall. My back also felt better.

Having more energy gives me more time to do what I want instead of feeling like I need to sleep. Surprisingly, it changed my appetite. I have been able to eat less, still feel full, and I’m more active which feels really good. My mother has noticed my improvements.

Treatment is quick, relaxing, and everyone here is so nice and welcoming. The short appointment times make scheduling fairly flexible. Even if you have no glaring issues, I think having some work like this done can only be beneficial. At least give it a chance. It might help you in ways you weren’t expecting. It can help your body work more efficiently and I think that’s something everyone would enjoy.” — D.M.

“Overall, my body seems to be accepting the changes very well.  I feel good all around – I really believe it’s helping with my most common pregnancy aches – they’re less and some days even non-existent.  I didn’t expect that as my body grows.  The office is relaxed, peaceful, and everyone I’ve met has been very welcoming and friendly.  I’m glad my friend recommended me.” — B.S.

“I’ve noticed an improved ability to manage stress, and reduced back pain.  The most unexpected change: I’ve lost 30 pounds since beginning care!  I’m most pleased by the fact that it helps me connect the physical with the spiritual and mental health aspects of life.” — C.W.

“I now experience less pain and therefore more energy and enthusiasm.  The subtle and gentle approach used at Body Wave works best for me.  Dr. Laura’s method, unexpectedly, has been far and away more effective for me than that of past practitioners.” — L.J.

“I’ve been around a lot of sick people including my kids, but I personally have not experienced any sickness since last Fall.” — L.R.

“I had a lot of tightness and pain in my back and hips. This had been going on for years. I felt it was largely due to how I handled stress. I always found myself constricting, slowing down, and closing up in stressful conditions, which would quickly lead to back and hip pain.

I went to a Network chiropractor 20 years ago in Minneapolis and found Body Wave on the Internet. My goal was to allow space in my body for more vitality. I hoped that with more vitality my fight or flight response would decrease and I would see new patterns for dealing with stress, as well as an increased capacity to experience and hold joy. In just a couple of months I really noticed it.

I have recommended Body Wave several times to others. Network has allowed for profound changes in my life, both physically and otherwise. I have a lot of trust in Dr. Laura and feel very cared for by everyone at Body Wave. It’s very subtle at times but profound. It’s hard to believe something so gentle can work so deeply. It’s one of those things you have to experience to really believe.” — C.W.

I notice a difference in my overall sense of lightness, both mental and physical. I no longer have any desire to FORCE myself to do anything, but instead focus on letting my body speak what it really wants and needs.

I no longer experience upper back pain, and my sleep and mood have improved.” — D.L.

“I can walk better, and now do a LOT of walking: I’ve lost weight because of that.  I feel better about myself – it’s amazing!” — C.G.

“My mom was diagnosed with MS in 2005. We have tried many different therapies, pharmaceuticals and holistic supplements to help her manage her symptoms. She started treatments with Dr. Laura Konopacki six months ago. Dr. Laura had helped me out of debilitating back pain with one session and I was hopeful her specific type of noninvasive chiropractic might help my mom as well. After the first month of Dr. Laura’s treatments my mom experienced an abundance of energy. Her back pain and arthritis subsided and she was soon taking walks every day. Over the last five months she’s been out walking a mile or more a day and rides her bike where ever she can. Her increased strength, balance and mobility have significantly improved her quality of life. The treatments have also helped with mental clarity, decreased inflammation, weight loss and an overall sense of positive well-being and peace. Dr. Laura accepts Medicare as well which was very helpful financially. We are recommending Dr. Laura wholeheartedly based off of our experiences and hope she can help you as well.” — M.J.

“I have much more stability and fluidity in my lower back and spine.  I move through my day more easily, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.” — G.N.

“I’m amazed how well this stuff works!” — M.M.

“I felt very dramatically pain-free these last couple of days. Thank you!” — R.D.

“Before coming to see Dr. Laura, I was having migraines all the time and suffering from lots of pain and sleepless nights. The migraines have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. The pain has been around for several years and I’ve been sleep-deprived since my daughter was born in 2009. I have always been a light sleeper but now that I have a kid and my husband travels with work all the time, I just don’t sleep well. I have tried all kinds of OTC pain meds and even have prescription migraine med but nothing seems to get rid of it anymore. I was starting to feel hopeless.

My mom used to see a chiropractor. I went to one after a bad flip on our trampoline when I was about 10 years old. This summer, I was talking to a friend Stacy about her upcoming initial appointment at Body Wave. She was excited and hopeful. I did hesitate but Stacy pushed me to make an appointment and I did and I am so glad.

At first I was skeptical. I’d only ever been to a snap, crackle, and pop chiropractor and was unsure what Dr. Laura was doing was working. I didn’t notice any changes at first. It took a few visits and then me going away for a week on vacation to notice a change. That week being gone, and missing 3 adjustments, and then coming back for that first appointment was a turning point. I started thinking about the last few weeks: My headaches had been better. My pain was better. I was sleeping through the night. These were big steps! I was shocked at how good I was finally starting to feel! And now I’m almost 3 months into seeing Dr. Laura and I’m feeling really good! I have more energy. I’m sleeping. I’m amazed. I had gotten so used to being in pain and feeling crumby all the time. Not any more! My husband has noticed that I’m sleeping better. I’m not as grouchy in the morning apparently.

I totally recommend Dr. Laura and Body Wave Chiropractic to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and headaches. In the short time I’ve been seeing Dr. Laura, I have seen so many positive changes in my life. I’m so happy. Thank you Dr. Laura and staff!!!” — H.Y.

“I’m sleeping so much better!” — M.H.

“Since coming to Dr. Laura, I’ve had my best winter in 50 years.” — C.H.

“When I left here, my spine felt so straight!” — J.A.

“My daughter had been experiencing some ongoing pain from a couple of activity-related injuries and we decided to schedule some adjustments with Dr. Laura to see if we could get her some relief. Not only did we see significant improvements right away, but my daughter also really looked forward to going in and she enjoyed the whole experience of getting adjusted. After a few visits, when I mentioned that she had another appointment coming up, she asked, “Why? I’m not even hurting anymore.” Then, the light bulb came on, and she said, “Ohhh…I’m not hurting because of the adjustments!” —  T.F.

“I am able to sleep on my side again, as the tendonitis in both shoulders has resolved.” — S.M.

“I can focus more and I’ve stopped getting angry and frustrated a lot.  I’m getting better grades: an F in Social Studies turned into a B+ (I got six 100s in a row!).  My teachers say I’m using my work time better: before I used to goof around and do stuff on my iPad; I had lots of missing assignments. But not now – they’re happy!” A.D.  Mom says: “He can sit in one place, he’s more calm and confident.  His attitude has improved – everything has changed!  It has really worked.” — G.D.

“After the first adjustment, he’s sleeping longer and is much more comfortable on his back. I want to make sure as he grows, his spine stays in good alignment.”– 1 month old S.S.’s Mom

“I was suffering with intractable neck pain & chronic migraine headaches (not helped by OTC or Rx meds & made worse by a 35yr fight with MS), based on the recommendation of a friend, I sought care from Dr. Laura Konopacki.  Her very comprehensive initial exam was completely comfortable & she explained her findings in ways that I could understand.  The adjustments that Dr. Laura has done for me over the past month were totally comfortable. The office atmosphere is calming & relaxing. My schedule was accommodated by her skilled staff.  I have found a “chiropractic home” & I am so grateful!” — J.H.