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“My lower back pain has completely disappeared.  It helps me relax and sleep better.  My posture has also improved – with that, I feel great most days.  I’ve been able to get off my medications – one more to go and I’ll be medicine-free!” — K.K.

“We first came to Body Wave several years ago for my daughter who has hemi-paresis. We were so impressed with the results that soon our whole family started going. We love working with Dr. Laura and appreciate all the great results. We highly recommend Body Wave Chiropractic.” — A.M.

“Overall, my body seems to be accepting the changes very well.  I feel good all around – I really believe it’s helping with my most common pregnancy aches – they’re less and some days even non-existent.  I didn’t expect that as my body grows.  The office is relaxed, peaceful, and everyone I’ve met has been very welcoming and friendly.  I’m glad my friend recommended me.” — B.S.

“I’ve noticed an improved ability to manage stress, and reduced back pain.  The most unexpected change: I’ve lost 30 pounds since beginning care!  I’m most pleased by the fact that it helps me connect the physical with the spiritual and mental health aspects of life.” — C.W.

“I now experience less pain and therefore more energy and enthusiasm.  The subtle and gentle approach used at Body Wave works best for me.  Dr. Laura’s method, unexpectedly, has been far and away more effective for me than that of past practitioners.” — L.J.

“I no longer experience upper back pain, and my sleep and mood have improved.” — D.L.

“I can walk better, and now do a LOT of walking: I’ve lost weight because of that.  I feel better about myself – it’s amazing!” — C.G.

“My mom was diagnosed with MS in 2005. We have tried many different therapies, pharmaceuticals and holistic supplements to help her manage her symptoms. She started treatments with Dr. Laura Konopacki six months ago. Dr. Laura had helped me out of debilitating back pain with one session and I was hopeful her specific type of noninvasive chiropractic might help my mom as well. After the first month of Dr. Laura’s treatments my mom experienced an abundance of energy. Her back pain and arthritis subsided and she was soon taking walks every day. Over the last five months she’s been out walking a mile or more a day and rides her bike where ever she can. Her increased strength, balance and mobility have significantly improved her quality of life. The treatments have also helped with mental clarity, decreased inflammation, weight loss and an overall sense of positive well-being and peace. Dr. Laura accepts Medicare as well which was very helpful financially. We are recommending Dr. Laura wholeheartedly based off of our experiences and hope she can help you as well.” — M.J.

“I have much more stability and fluidity in my lower back and spine.  I move through my day more easily, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too.” — G.N.

“My daughter had been experiencing some ongoing pain from a couple of activity-related injuries and we decided to schedule some adjustments with Dr. Laura to see if we could get her some relief. Not only did we see significant improvements right away, but my daughter also really looked forward to going in and she enjoyed the whole experience of getting adjusted. After a few visits, when I mentioned that she had another appointment coming up, she asked, “Why? I’m not even hurting anymore.” Then, the light bulb came on, and she said, “Ohhh…I’m not hurting because of the adjustments!” —  T.F.

“I am able to sleep on my side again, as the tendonitis in both shoulders has resolved.” — S.M.

“I can focus more and I’ve stopped getting angry and frustrated a lot.  I’m getting better grades: an F in Social Studies turned into a B+ (I got six 100s in a row!).  My teachers say I’m using my work time better: before I used to goof around and do stuff on my iPad; I had lots of missing assignments. But not now – they’re happy!” A.D.  Mom says: “He can sit in one place, he’s more calm and confident.  His attitude has improved – everything has changed!  It has really worked.” — G.D.

“After the first adjustment, he’s sleeping longer and is much more comfortable on his back. I want to make sure as he grows, his spine stays in good alignment.”– 1 month old S.S.’s Mom

“I was suffering with intractable neck pain & chronic migraine headaches (not helped by OTC or Rx meds & made worse by a 35yr fight with MS), based on the recommendation of a friend, I sought care from Dr. Laura Konopacki.  Her very comprehensive initial exam was completely comfortable & she explained her findings in ways that I could understand.  The adjustments that Dr. Laura has done for me over the past month were totally comfortable. The office atmosphere is calming & relaxing. My schedule was accommodated by her skilled staff.  I have found a “chiropractic home” & I am so grateful!” — J.H.