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Low Back Pain

Basic mobility is something we count on each day, and low back pain can significantly limit movement, sometimes even causing pain with each step you take. This can affect what you are able to get done each day, whether it’s gardening or work around the house on the weekends. Common causes of low back pain include old injuries, sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, spinal degeneration/ disc issues, and sitting for long hours at work.

Some people come to the office worried that their low back pain is a sign of something more serious going on. A Chiropractor can determine what factors may be contributing to your pain, whether its tension locked in the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, or even a compensation for a torque at the top of the spine. Chiropractic offers a gentle, drug-free, conservative approach to help your low back pain resolve naturally. When needed, we’ll also recommend other health-care practitioners (physical therapists, massage, etc.) and lifestyle changes that can help to stabilize and resolve your pain. When the spine is properly aligned and the supporting postural muscles retrained and strengthened, you can start to feel comfortable, stable and secure as you go through your day with full body motion that you rely on.