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Life Enjoyment / Personal Growth

After talking about specific problems and issues that people deal with, this discussion wouldn’t be complete without addressing another, very important reason why people seek out the Chiropractic approach offered at Body Wave. The unique results and outcomes found with our techniques are the reason why I decided to specialize in this approach.

As I was going through my initial years in practice, I started finding that when I incorporated more of this light touch technique (Network Spinal Analysis) with a client, people began reporting positive quality of life changes in addition to their pain relief. They were telling me that they felt less stress in relation to their jobs, relationships, families, etc. They were more able to hear their ‘inner voice’, felt able to handle whatever was coming their way, and began to be able to make decisions in areas where they had been stuck before. And as their nervous system was undergoing this ‘upgrade’, it also became easier for them to make healthy lifestyle choices (reaching for the broccoli instead of the candy bar, or getting to the gym). Simply put, people were telling me they were enjoying their life more and things felt easier.

And the largest Chiropractic study ever done (on more than 2,800 people receiving this type of care) confirms these quality of life changes for people using Network Spinal Analysis.

The data showed a 99% satisfaction rate and 95% wished to continue care after their symptoms were gone. The study showed that the longer people chose to receive care, the more they reported their lives to be getting better. (read study here)

So whatever it is that’s going on in your life – whether you’re coming up to major life transition, starting a new path, or just looking to enjoy more what’s right in front of you – Network can be a powerful and transformational tool for you to make life more of what you’d like it to be.