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Joint Pain

Joints of the body are like a hinge on a door, and some are even much more complex in the movements they provide. And just like a door hinge can get stiff and creaky with age and lack of use, our joints can cause a tremendous amount of pain. Whether it’s the confidence to walk on uneven ground with a knee issue, or the ability to lift your arm over your head reaching for something in the kitchen, joint issues can affect our ability to do the most basic everyday tasks.

Here we commonly see knee and shoulder injuries from athletics, slips and falls, past broken bones, or even wear and tear from years of walking and running out of alignment. And just like driving a car out of alignment can cause one tire to wear out quicker, many people come in with one side of their body affected more than the other.

The Chiropractic perspective will look to discover if your injured joint is moving through its full range of motion, or if it has gotten stuck for whatever reason, predisposing you to pain and mobility issues. In addition, we examine the alignment of the other spinal bones to see if there are any contributing factors that can be addressed that hold your posture upright and are influencing why your body can’t heal. Many people find that Chiropractically correcting their whole body alignment takes stress and pressure off joints, helping their body heal quicker, easing up their pain, and in many cases helping delay or even avoid joint surgery. And for those concerned about the side effects of cortisone shots and other medications, a powerful drug-free approach to helping the body work better is greatly appreciated!