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Dr. Laura Konopacki has helped thousands of people, of all ages, experience improved lives by overcoming their health challenges through chiropractic care. Her approach using NetworkSpinal (see below) focuses on meeting each patient’s specific needs by delivering soft-touch chiropractic care to resolve pain, discomfort, and achieve optimal whole body health.

Your brain and nervous system – essentially your spine and what sits on top of it – are responsible for coordinating all functions required to keep you well. However, when you’re injured or overwhelmed by stressful life events, your body can get stuck. Stress, pain, and tension can build up in the body causing nerves and muscles to become pinched and tight leading to a variety of negative health impacts.

The primary technique used for spinal care at Body Wave Chiropractic Wellness Center is NetworkSpinal, a care system that’s evolved and advanced for over a quarter century. By recognizing  and working with your body’s innate power to self-heal, NetworkSpinal improves the ability of your body to release years of built-up stress and tension through better spine-brain function.  

The application of NetworkSpinal:

  • Involves a light touch rather than the popping and cracking associated with traditional spinal adjustments 
  • Develops two unique, research-backed healing waves as the body learns to dissipate stress 
  • Tracks functional improvements along with the person’s own experience of increasing well-being 

In the largest Chiropractic research study ever completed on people receiving NetworkSpinal care:

  • 76% experienced improvements in all of the following:
    • Physical well-being
    • Stress levels
    • Emotional and psychological well-being
    • Healthy lifestyle choices
    • Life enjoyment
    • Overall quality of life 
  • 95% were satisfied with their results under care
  • 99% of the participants wanted to continue care

The evolution of NetworkSpinal has decades of success behind it and is the most advanced spinal-based care system available. Results? Read what our patients have to say about their experiences with NetworkSpinal at Body Wave Chiropractic Wellness Center.

The result: a healthy spine and nervous system, which in turn promotes your body’s natural ability to get and stay well so you can feel good and enjoy life!