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Gentle Approach

Gentle. Holistic. Safe. Rejuvenating. Proactive. Dr. Laura Konopacki has helped thousands of people of all ages, and with a variety of health challenges, improve their lives and get back to doing what’s important to them. Our approach focuses on meeting each individual patient’s specific needs through by delivering soft touch chiropractic care to resolve pain and discomfort and achieve optimal whole body health.

Your brain and nervous system – essentially, your spine and what sits on top of it – are responsible for coordinating all functions required to keep you well. However, when you’re injured or overwhelmed by stressful life events, your body can get stuck. Stress, pain and tension can build up in the body, causing nerves and muscles to become pinched and tight and leading to a variety of negative health impacts.

If we find you are a candidate for care, we use gentle and precise adjustments – with no popping or cracking – to restore motion, alignment and neurological function to all the spinal joints. At the same time, our unique approach teaches your nervous system how to unwind stress and ‘reset’ back to normal, giving you a sense of well-being as your body heals. It’s like using a key to unlock and open a stiff, heavy door along with clearing the static from your phone line.

The result: a healthy spine and nervous system, which in turn promotes your body’s natural ability to get and stay well so you can feel good and enjoy life.

In our approach, we use two main techniques:

  1. Network Spinal Analysis, which uses precise and gentle pressure at specific points along the spine to unlock stress and tension held in the spine, nerves and muscles. Network supports the brain’s ability to shift out of fight or flight/stress/survival mode and upgrades nervous system abilities (breath, body movement, and awareness) that help each person access greater mind and body resources during daily life. In the largest chiropractic study ever done on people receiving Network care, there was a 95% satisfaction rate and 99% wished to continue care.
  1. Torque Release Technique, which delivers a soft touch with a low-force instrument to help promote normal neurological functioning between the spinal joints and the brain. TRT also works to restore the brain reward cascade, giving us access to our natural feel-good chemicals and resetting neural stress centers in the brainstem – especially in the upper neck where the skull sits on top of the spine, an area that is critical to spinal and whole body health.