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Dr. Laura Konopacki

My personal path in Chiropractic has taken me all over the world. After completing my education in 2002, I returned to Wisconsin and opened a practice in Wausau. After 3 years there, I decided to follow a life-long dream and move overseas – so I packed my bags and bought a one way ticket to Spain. I had no idea how things were going to work out, which was intimidating to say the least, but I reasoned that after taking the first step I’d be able to see the second one. Through contacts made while over there, I went to practice in Hong Kong, China and Lima, Peru. These were both amazing opportunities to step out of my culture, and open up to entirely new ways of doing things.

Then, returning to Spain, I opened a practice in the heart of Barcelona. I lived there for 4 years, enjoying the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle: great food, beautiful beaches, and very tight knit communities. I remember walking to work winding through the narrow and picturesque streets of the Gothic Quarter, amazed at the turn my life had taken. After that, I transferred to Pamplona, Spain (where every year they hold the Running of the Bulls Festival) to help a friend with her office. The cities are only a 5 hour drive apart, but in Pamplona I was met with a different language and some of the best food in Spain.

My travel has given me some great opportunities – including being able to study some of the most innovative Chiropractic methods from around the world. With that said, I’m very happy to be back now in Madison to share this style of Chiropractic. I grew up on a farm in Brooklyn, WI, and most of my family is still local – so home really is my favorite destination.