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Are You Feeling Stuck?

Last Friday morning I met a great friend of mine for coffee, and as we talked about our plans for the New Year she said something that stuck with me.

“It feels like I’ve been living the same year over and over again.” I could hear the frustration in her voice.

And I had that feeling like – wait, I think this might apply to my life. In fact even on a daily basis – how am I repeating the same day over and over again? Bringing the same level of energy, focus and resources to the people, tasks and events I get to interact with? Checking things off the to-do list, but never really changing my life satisfaction set-point.

I’ve decided to build 2 new habits that I know will bring me more energy: committing to my morning meditation and to stop wasting time on the internet during the day.

I’m a bit in the dark ages with regards to technology (I still use a paper planner), but I’ve been exploring a few apps that help you start new habits. You can choose what you’re working on, get reminders, and track your progress visually.

A few that I’m trying out, have good reviews, and offer free versions:
Way of Life

If you’ve noticed you’re living the same year, stuck in patterns that don’t serve you or feel like what you want out of life – taking different actions will lead to different results. Whether you use an app or another technique, good luck staying focused on what you want to experience this year.

Dr. Laura